Why It's Essential For Hotels To Use Cloud-Based Hotel PMS

Property management systems that are locally installed operate on computers where the software is set up. This kind of system has been around for a while and has expensive installation and maintenance expenses, so many properties still use it. It was viewed as a significant improvement over the manual pen and paper method.

In the meantime, many technologies, including property administration systems, have advanced thanks to the development of cloud computing. Although cloud-based hospitality software is still fairly new, it provides a more user-friendly and flexible system that is also easier to access. IQware got on board and developed a cloud-based hospitality software for all types of lodging, while still providing a locally installed version of its PMS software.

A cloud-based hospitality software called IQpms, which is its PMS solution, offers everything customers require on a simple platform. The following are some advantages of cloud-based hotel software, which is the way of the future for PMS:

Principal Reasons For Why Cloud-Based Hotel Administration Software Is More Effective

1. Decreased Expense of Ownership

You'll know which system to choose once you compare the cost of ownership of a traditional system to that of a cloud-based hotel PMS! You won't have to worry about setting up a dedicated on-premises server, allocating resources for its upkeep, paying exorbitant software licence fees, etc. with a cloud-based hotel system.

You'll know which system to choose once you compare the cost of ownership of a traditional system to that of a cloud-based hotel PMS! You won't have to worry about setting up a dedicated on-premise server, allocating resources for its upkeep, exorbitant software licence fees, staff training costs, or anything else if you use a cloud-based hotel system. Any day, a cloud-based PMS for hotels is a superior option because:

  • It has a low one-time setup cost and a small subscription charge.
  • There is no need to install or manage a dedicated IT infrastructure.
  • No specific material is required.
  • Staff instruction is much simpler and faster now.

2. Access your PMS from anywhere at any moment to manage your hotel while on the go.

With a legacy system in place, you would not be able to afford the luxury of performing several operational duties remotely as you can with a cloud-based hotel property management system. Additionally, mobile apps have made life simpler by enabling hoteliers to remain in the loop via their mobile devices.

Check-ins, checkouts, reservations, report generation, and other operational tasks can be carried out at your leisure from your location or device.
No matter where you are, use your mobile device to obtain vital hotel information.

3. Never Again Will Data Security Be A Worry.

Undoubtedly one of the key explanations for why converting to a cloud-based hotel PMS is a wiser and safer move for you. Storing your important data on a server not only comes with risks like data loss and outages, but also requires significant investment in backup servers, dependable antivirus software, and other things. However, if you move to the cloud, all you need to do is confirm that the security offered by the cloud provider is legitimate and that:

  • Your entire info is securely kept in a cloud.
  • Less concern about outages

4. Greater Industry Penetration

With a cloud-based, all-in-one software solution, hoteliers can connect with more than 50 of the most well-known online travel agencies worldwide AND take reservations immediately through their website. (with no commission fees).

A channel manager, booking engine, and the main property management system are all integrated into one piece of hotel software. As a result, it is simpler for hoteliers to reach more visitors because they can advertise their establishment on different OTAs, take direct reservations, and have the ability to receive and post real-time updates of reservation information and availability.

5. Significant Time Savings

Software that is cloud-based is effective in automation and simple to use because everything is set up for you. Cloud-based systems like Preno will automatically pull these details from OTAs for you, eliminating the need for hoteliers to manually enter guest reservation details as they did with outdated legacy systems.

Time is conserved, and the amount of manual administration is greatly decreased. Instead of spending hours manually entering data, hoteliers can concentrate on caring for their visitors. Not to mention, the programme provides a variety of additional time-saving features, including automated emails and others.

Hoteliers have access to power thanks to cloud-based all-in-one software options. Hoteliers are given a set of automated tools, including the combined ability of a remote access property management system, channel manager, and booking engine, thanks to the accessibility and connectivity of cloud computing and all-in-one software.

6. Improve The Visitor Experience

It can be aggravating to have to wait in lengthy lines at the front counter or when calling for assistance. By enabling self-service check-in, check-out, and online payment choices, a guest portal integrated into your hotel management system can reduce the wait time.

With the help of a guest portal, your clients may be able to text your staff immediately for a convenient line of communication and get the information they require from any internet-connected device. A contemporary hotel management system must include an online portal because it prioritises the needs of the guests by giving them control over their bookings.

7. Real-Time Data Access

Utilize a robust reporting tool built into your cloud-based platform to gain insights into your data. You might be able to modify your marketing efforts to maximise reservations by using a reporting feature that displays bookings in real time.

You will also have access to reports that can show your booking highs and lows, guest experience details, and more. You will also be able to manage who else has access to these reports. Over 200 insightful metrics will be available in a robust reporting module, allowing you to build your own reports and use them to make informed choices. These customised reports might be able to be sent to your inbox immediately.

8. Automate Operations to Streamline Processes

Automation makes it easier to streamline your business processes. The best cloud-based hotel management system offers flexibility with effective procedures created for hoteliers, such as dynamic pricing that automatically changes your rates based on current occupancy guidelines and automated marketing emails. With the help of integrations, you can quickly swap between your favourite tools, such as channel managers and accounting tools, all in one location.

The outdated locally installed PMS and the modern cloud-based hospitality software are the two major categories of property management software. Since its inception, it has served as the property managers' and owners' go-to tool for streamlining activities that typically demand a lot of time and resources.

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