What Are the Key Privacy Features in iOS 14 and How Do They Affect App Distribution?

Apple implemented a number of new privacy features to iOS 14 that will significantly affect how apps are distributed. The ability to limit access to contacts, location information, and images is one of these functions. However, Apple has added several privacy enhancements to iOS 14 that may affect how your apps are delivered.

The key modifications are described here, along with their effects on app developers. Read our guide on Privacy in App Development if you're a developer and want to be sure you're utilising these features. For business users who might want to prevent unauthorised people from accessing their clients' contact information, limiting access to contacts is particularly crucial.

For business users, location information and images can potentially be very sensitive data. Restricting access to these data will help you safeguard the privacy of your users and prevent unauthorised distribution of your app.

The iOS14 privacy features should be understood by app developers, and they should ensure that their apps are compalint with them.

1. Attribution of app install changes

A new SKAdNetwork interface introduced with iOS 14 provides a way for Apple to alert the 'ad network' when a campaign results in an app install conversion.

This upgrade has the negative effect of neglecting additional app conversions that a mobile app campaign would want to optimise for in addition to app installs.

2. Ability to manage access to geolocation

The 'Location Service' feature allows iOS users to choose which apps can access their location. Users will be able to choose not to share their specific location after the latest update. And when that occurs, the apps will only receive approximation geolocation data.
'Tracking' corporations are highlighted in a privacy study

Currently, Apple has a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) that prevents cross-domain tracking. With iOS 14, in addition to the ITP, users will now get receive a "Privacy Report." By looking at their data, it will reveal to the users which companies are using blockchain.

3. IDFA and store-level control modifications

Describe IDFA.

The Identifier for Advertisers is a special identification code for all mobile devices that is used for user-level targeting and advertising effectiveness evaluation across all mobile devices.

What does this update cover?

Users will need to choose to use IDFA for each app they install. In order for consumers to choose whether or not to opt-in to IDFA, app publishers will need to include a summary of privacy practises when creating apps for iOS 14.

The effect of this upgrade is that advertising campaigns will no longer be able to undertake behavior-based segmentation, optimise and measure ad performance, or control recency. Additionally, the action contributes to consent fatigue, which would result in more users turning down the request to examine their data.

4. How is Appinventiv getting ready for the new app development process in iOS 14?

One of our specialties has always been creating iPhone applications. As one of the first companies to test all major upgrades, we have always developed iOS apps. The iOS 14 update is the same.

Our team of iOS app developers has extensively researched how iOS 14 affects app production and promotion, as well as the adjustments we will need to make to the app to make it compatible with iOS 14.

We started by reading the platform-specific guidelines for the iOS 14 update.

  • Facebook
  • Google 
  • Apple

We were able to understand the changes that would be implemented with iOS 14 and what we needed to do to get ready for them thanks to the documentation. Let's discuss our strategies for getting your app to pass Apple's revised security standards without becoming too technical. But first, let's take a closer look at how the app ecosystem will alter in 2021.

The effects of iOS 14 on app development will include the following:

  • It will become harder to distinguish between organic and paid revenue and installs.
  • User acquisition and ad monetization will be less effective.
  • With iOS 14, the user-level ad reporting will be functionally impossible.
  • Another effect of iOS 14 will be the demise of retargeting campaigns.
  • On iOS, Apple's SKAdNetwork is expected to take over as the source of ad attribution.
  • Post-install events will mostly be attributed for 24 hours.

The first thing we will be concentrating on in light of these changes is making sure that the SDKs we utilise across our iPhone app development services are current. To support iOS14, practically every SDK, including those for analytics, attribution, ad monetization, etc., will need to be upgraded.

What effect do privacy features have on how apps are distributed?

The privacy features of iOS are among its most significant features. Users have choice over how their data is used and shared thanks to these features. They significantly affect how widely apps are distributed as well.

iOS mandates that all apps downloaded from the App Store go through the App Store for distribution. This indicates that the programme cannot be purchased or downloaded until Apple has given its approval. A significant part of this process involves privacy aspects.

Apple offers a number of privacy controls that influence how apps are distributed. To ensure that customers have access to high-quality apps and content, Apple first requires that apps be distributed through the App Store. Furthermore, privacy features make sure that users are informed about how their data is being shared and used. Users should have a say in how their data is used and shared, therefore this is significant.

Last but not least, privacy features shield users from harmful software and material. Before Apple approves an app for the App Store, it must pass quality and security checks. Users are protected from hazardous apps and content thanks to this. To get your next iOS app developed, hire specialised iOS developers in the USA.

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